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I have an mp3 file in my site. I want to output it as a view. In my controller I have:

public ActionResult Stream()
        string file = 'test.mp3';
        this.Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "test.mp3");
        this.Response.ContentType = "audio/mpeg";

        return View();

But how do I return the mp3 file?


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Create an Action like this:

public ActionResult Stream(string mp3){
    byte[] file=readFile(mp3);
    return File(file,"audio/mpeg");

The function readFile should read the MP3 from the file and return it as a byte[].

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Is there a way to stream a partial file? I have a huge audio file I need to stream. I need it to be loaded to user partially, while he can play, stop, seek etc. and the entire file isn't yet downloaded to the client. – Shimmy May 12 '13 at 6:49

You should return a FileResult instead of a ViewResult:

 return File(stream.ToArray(), "audio/mpeg", "test.mp3");

The stream parameter should be a filestream or memorystream from the mp3 file.

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If your MP3 file is in a location accessible to users (i.e. on a website folder somewhere) you could simply redirect to the mp3 file. Use the Redirect() method on the controller to accomplish this:

public ActionResult Stream()
    return Redirect("test.mp3");
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You don't want to create a view, you want to return the mp3 file as your ActionResult.

Phil Haack made an ActionResult to do just this, called a DownloadResult. Here's the article.

The resulting syntax would look something like this:

public ActionResult Download() 
  return new DownloadResult 
    { VirtualPath="~/content/mysong.mp3", FileDownloadName = "MySong.mp3" };
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public FileResult Download(Guid mp3FileID)
            string mp3Url = DataContext.GetMp3UrlByID(mp3FileID);

            WebClient urlGrabber = new WebClient();
            byte[] data = urlGrabber.DownloadData(mp3Url);
            FileStream fileStream = new FileStream("ilovethismusic.mp3", FileMode.Open);

            fileStream.Write(data, 0, data.Length);
            fileStream.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.Begin);

            return (new FileStreamResult(fileStream, "audio/mpeg"));
            //return (new FileContentResult(data, "audio/mpeg"));

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You should create your own class which inherits from ActionResult, here is an example of serving an image.

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Why not use the Filepathresult?

Like this :

        public FilePathResult DownLoad()
        return new FilePathResult(Url.Content(@"/Content/01.I Have A Dream 4'02.mp3"), "audio/mp3");

And create the download link:

<%=Html.ActionLink("Download the mp3","DownLoad","home") %>
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