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I have an EF 5 Code First VS 2012 project and some entites. I use update-database to generate/seed the tables and data. However I have 4 existing tables with data, and I would like to map this tables to 4 POCO class, because I would like to access them via DbContext.

My problem if I create the entity POCO classes, and add the approprite

public DbSet<MyExternal> MyExternals { get; set; }

property to my DbContext class, when I run the update-database it tries to create the tables and exits with error "Table MyExternal is exists" or similar. I understand why is that, but my question: How to explain to the update-database process to not create/alter these tables?

Note: I know how to map tables to different names than class name etc, not this is my problem.

Thanks in advance

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