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Reference Link here...

Please find the image from above link. I need to extract all Black colored sharp objects from the above like specified image to a NSDictionary. The goal is to find the sizes of separate objects from split-ted images. I did the image alpha to 1 in object pixels and other are transparent, say alpha 0. Can anyone help me to achieve it? Thanks in advance... :)

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Try Core image filters [1], or this great post on NSHipster: [2]



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Thank you for the valuable links. Actually I need to done it with IOS 4.3 and above. I think, most of the core image library framework controls are available only with IOS 6.0 and later. GPUImage is some what working from SDK 4.0 and later. But still I couldn't able to do my job... :( – imalvare May 10 '13 at 14:29

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