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I use pnormin R for standard normal distribution. I am wondering what code I could use to do so in Winbugs because I will use the Bayesian probit.

For example I calculate p = Phi(Xbeta) as pnorm(Xbeta).

My question is how I could do this in Winbugs.

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Help --> User Manual --> Model Specification --> Logical nodes says what you want is phi(Xbeta).
Though perhaps its description as "standard normal cdf" wasn't clear?

"cdf" stands for "cumulative density function".

It also says there that you can use probit(x) <- y instead of x <- phi(y).

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Thanks @Chris. I actually wish to calculate p = phi((Xbeta)/2*sigmasquared), where 1/2sigma-squared is the scale parameter. In this case, am I right to think that I need to use probit(p) = (Xbeta)/2*sigma.squared)??? –  Günal May 10 '13 at 10:14
cumulative distribution function. :) –  Frank May 17 '13 at 0:14
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