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language c#, winform

how do i create a modal window or such a thing that when it still showing i would still be able to click or interact with the main window..


put some code please or links..

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You mean a non-Modal window –  Lazarus Oct 29 '09 at 13:38
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Just use the overload of Form.Show() that takes a form as a parameter, like this:

Form f = new Form();

This will keep the form always on top of the form that calls it, but still let you click and access the calling form.

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i ve got problem with this f.show(), i have richtextbox inside the form, and when I close the form, it disposed the form along with the richtextbox, so when i try to write something likie rtextbox.txt="some text" after i close the form, it will break my program –  r4ccoon Oct 29 '09 at 14:16
@r4ccoon: not sure I understand your problem. Why would you want to set a RichTextBox's Text property after the form it's on has been closed? –  MusiGenesis Oct 29 '09 at 15:05
ok. so in my code i have Console.writeln("debug thing"); this comman will also insert values into a rich text box. when i double click anywhere on my window, the program will showing a rich text box with "debung thing". and also all the consolewriteln that i have been put all over my codes as for debugging. with showDialog() i am able to "keep" the value inside the rich text box after it is closed. but with show() after i close the window, apparently it also delete the richtextbox instance. –  r4ccoon Nov 1 '09 at 1:53
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Make the dialog non-modal (use Show instead of ShowDialog), and make it top-most (TopMost = true)

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Some confusion here I think;

Modal is when the window blocks the underlying window, and must be closed to enable the underlying window to regain control. Form.ShowDialog(owner) is used to accomplish this.

Non-Modal is a window that is opened "in parallell" to the underlying window. Both windows can be accessed and respond to mouse and key events. Form.Show(owner) to accomplish this.

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Modality by definition means that you are not able to click anywhere else. You can create another form and show it with Show() method.

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Show() Method allows you to click anywhere while ShowDialog() won't

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