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Using the with closure is possible in creating new Instance of an object easier and simpler as stated here. But how can I use this closure when updating the entity values of my object? Say I want to update the fields of my Person object that has an id = 1.

def p = Person.findById(1)
p.fname = 'First'
p.lname = 'Last'

Please help. Thanks!

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You mean like:

Person.findById(1).with {
  fname = 'First'
  lname = 'Last'

It's not 100% clear from the question that this is what you mean...

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Thanks. I have already tried your codes above, but this didn't work, that's why I posted this query. Same code with yours gives me this error , "Cannot make an immutable entity modifiable." That's why I'm wondering if I am using the with closure properly whenever I want to update the entities of my object. Thanks :) –  chemilleX3 May 9 '13 at 2:02
I get the problem. I got this error message because my domain class is in cache read-only setting. Thanks :) –  chemilleX3 May 9 '13 at 6:28
@chemilleX3 I was going to ask if it was this problem ;-) Glad you got it working! –  tim_yates May 9 '13 at 8:23
thanks a lot :) –  chemilleX3 May 14 '13 at 7:02

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