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i am using flot to plot a graph. i want to implement the functionality such that i am able to highlight a 10% growth in my graph showing in a different color other than the color i am using now. the code i am using is :

var options_blue = {
    series: {
        color: 'blue',
        threshold: { above: 5, color: 'green' },
        bars: { show: true, barWidth: 20 * 20 }
    xaxis: { show: false, min: 1 },
    yaxis: { show: false, min: 1, max: max_value }

var options_red = {
    series: {
        color: '#ff0000',
        threshold: { above: 10, color:'green' },    
        bars: { show: true, barWidth: 20 * 20 }
    threshold: { above: 5, color: "yellow" },
    xaxis: { show: false, min: 1 },
    yaxis: { show: false, min: 5, max: max_value }

I am using the jquery.flot.threshold.js, but there is no change in the graph colors beyond the threshold.

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You're using 'above', but the threshold plugin only supports 'below'. So you just need to swap your series and threshold colors, and use 'below' instead.

Also note that in your options_red, you have a second threshold options outside of the series options. The threshold plugin only looks for options within the series options, so that second one will get ignored.

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i rectified the mistakes in the code. but still i am not able to plot the bar graph using jquery.flot.threshold.js When i use jquery.flot.threshold.min.js i am able to plot two different colors but the graph appears as a single line. provide any possible solutions to this. –  Pratyush Kumar Mishra May 9 '13 at 5:18
You'll need to provide some more info; what do you mean by 'appears as a single line'? What version of Flot are you using? Are there any errors in the JS console? –  DNS May 9 '13 at 11:40

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