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Have a look at my index.yaws file below


        out(Arg) -> 
            Data = utilities:get_raw_data(),
            {html, io_lib:format("~p", [Data])}.        

        out(Arg) -> 
        Data = utilities:get_raw_data(),
        lists:foreach(fun(X) -> {Id, Fname, Lname} = X, io:format("ID: ~p ", [Lname]) end, Data).


The first part of the code runs correctly producing output such as

[{3,"Matt","Williamson3"}, {2,"Matt","Williamson2"}, {1,"Matt","Williamson"}]

There is no error on the second part, but the web page remains blank. I believe the section

io:format("ID: ~p ", [Lname]) 

doesn't print out to the browser.

What do I get to change in order for it to work?

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Try this instead of the foreach line: (untested)

    {html, lists:map(fun(X) -> {Id, Fname, Lname} = X, io_lib:format("ID: ~p ", [Lname]) end, Data)}.

That is, instead of printing using io:format, return the data in a {html, Iodata} tuple, as in the first <erl> block.

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Thank you! That solution works OK. wanted to vote it up but I dont have the minimum 15 points needed to do the necessary :-) –  Benda May 8 '13 at 12:01
By the way this is what I wanted to do: <table> <erl> out(Arg) -> Data = utilities:get_raw_data(), {html, lists:map( fun(X) -> {Id, Fname, Lname} = X, io_lib:format("~s", ["<tr><td>" ++ Lname ++ "</td><td>" ++ Fname ++ "</td></tr>"]) end, Data) }. </erl> </table> –  Benda May 8 '13 at 12:01
Good to hear it works! You can "accept" the answer even if you have less than 15 reputation points. –  legoscia May 8 '13 at 12:28

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