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I run an application test from XCode on my device. The test creates some files on the device. After the tests has finihsed i would like to copy these file from the device to my machine.

Does anyone know how to achieve that? I am using XCode 4.6.2

thanks Christian

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Assuming the files are created in the Documents directory, you can use iTunes file sharing to get the files.

Here's a tutorial

EDIT based on comment

Not sure if this fits your use case - you could try integration with the Dropbox API. Your app, once the files are created, can sync the files in a Dropbox folder. You can have the Windows/Mac app installed to have the files synced to your computer as well.

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Thanks for your reply, but this is not quite what I am looking for. With iTunes file sharing I still have to use a tool and manual actions to copy my files. Right now I use iFunBox to do this. What I am looking for is an automated solution. – derbian May 21 '13 at 14:46
Thanks again for your input. This still sounds way too complicated. All I want to to is automatically copy some files, integrating a whole framework that I would use only when running my tests is a bit too much. – derbian May 23 '13 at 14:41

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