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Am validate First name in registration form,its allow only alphabets both lower case and upper case and (,/,#,-).

my validation patter is ^(([a-zA-Z])(/,#,-))*$

But its not validate correctly.Please any one help me to solve this problem and give a tips to create the pattern correctly.

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Can you make an example which case it not working correctly? –  sandkasten May 8 '13 at 11:46
Does "AsdF-" match? Does "As-Df"? Can it be empty? Can it have spaces? Some first names are made out of 2 or more names) You should define when it should work and when it shouldn't. Otherwise, it may take us a lot more time to help you. By the way, for a first name, are # and / actually used? I'm just confused –  Korcholis May 8 '13 at 12:00

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boolean test = "a#aa-/".matches("^[a-zA-Z#/-]+$");
Log.e("TEst", "test " + test);

try this way

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As sandkasten says you should provide examples of what's not working. I think you're looking for this


The pipe (|) means character or one of those /#*

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Try out this regex: [a-zA-Z]+(\-[a-zA-Z]+)?

You can test regex online on vary websites like this one

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Based on your premises (using /-#, not using spaces, but being a first name), it could be something like:


This would match:

  • Alfred
  • Robert-Louis
  • John#Joseph
  • Kevin/Betty

But wouldn't

  • CharLes (L is uppercase and shouln't)
  • Mona- Sue (space)
  • penny (P is not uppercase)

However, you definitely need to give us some examples, or we're just playing and not helping you. We don't have a crystal ball (at least me)

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