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I've developed a WPF application by following the MVVM pattern. What I'm doing is that I have made a grid in my views. In the 1st grid I'm listing the values in the rows & columns like the following, I also have textboxes;

<GridViewColumn Header="fname" DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding fname}

After selecting a particular row, all the column values come into the respective textbox. In another grid, and I can update those values. I also have an UPDATE button over there.

What I want is after clicking the Update button, the updated row in the 1st grid should be shown in a different color. So what code should I write in the cs for implementing that.

Thank's in advance.

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  1. When you change a property of a row/object set a 'Status' property of the object. You might set it to Changed or Modified. (Make sure the Status Property is a DependencyProperty)

  2. In the view that displays the list, bind the color you want to change to the Status property using a ValueConverter.

  3. In the ValueConverter return the appropriate color to match the Status.

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