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Yes, Podcasts, those nice little Audiobooks I can listen to on the way to work. With the current amount of Podcasts, it's like searching a needle in a haystack, except that the haystack happens to be the Internet and is filled with too many of these "Hot new Gadgets" stuff :(

Now, even though I am mainly a .NET developer nowadays, maybe anyone knows some good Podcasts from people regarding the whole software lifecycle? Unit Testing, Continous Integration, Documentation, Deployment...

So - what are you guys and gals listening to?

Please note that the categorizations are somewhat subjective and may not be 100% accurate as many podcasts cover several areas. Categorization is made against what is considered the "main" area.

General Software Engineering / Productivity

.NET / Visual Studio / Microsoft


Java / Groovy

Ruby / Rails

Web Design / JavaScript / Ajax

Unix / Linux / Mac / iPhone

System Administration, Security or Infrastructure

General Tech / Business

Other / Misc. / Podcast Networks


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I suggest that everybody writes exactly one podcast per answer (post several answers if needed), such that the voting tells how the other people think about this one podcast. And how about a one sentence description? – hstoerr Oct 2 '08 at 15:19
Has SO been reduced to building collections of links? This looks my univeristy webpage in 1993. And like my 1993 webpage, it's out of date the moment it's written. – skaffman Jul 15 '09 at 14:13
Except unlike a web site this is a wiki - you can fix changed links, remove dead site,s and vote up/down new and old entries. It's more like the music charts! – Martin Beckett Jul 15 '09 at 14:27
@Martin Except that 1. People aren't going to browse 4 pages of results and to vote 2. Especially now that the results are consolidated in the question 3. This question doesn't get as much traction today as when it was created (so votes don't reflect anything). – Pascal Thivent Sep 15 '10 at 8:58
While I appreciate this podcast list, I think skaffman makes a valid point. Such lists may be more appropriate on a site such as Delicious whose purpose is to collect links. Even Wikipedia may be more appropriate since each page does not have a list of answers. As Pascal points out, answer votes don't matter much as the list changes or becomes out of date. – Derek Mahar Sep 15 '10 at 16:51

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Haven't found Code cast in your list.


I find the PC Pro Podcast a good weekly round up, which complements the monthly paper magazine in the UK, for PCs, Windows software and gadgets.

This Week in Testing can also be informative and fun, as a round up of blogs and opinions from the world of automated tests.

Some of the US based shows like the TWiT network are too advert heavy for my taste.

I also recently found the Ted Talks (in video, or audio only) on iTunes, quite a few of which are technical or speculative with a very high quality of speaker.

Edit: Added The Guardian's Tech Weekly


Suggest someone with the reputation to do it revise this question to say, "What good technology podcasts are out there?"

I've got all kinds of audio fiction I could recommend, but then this question really runs off into the weeds.


All of the tech podcasts I listen to have been mentioned, but as long as we're discussing video I'd like to mention Hak.5. It is more focused on using existing programs rather than coding, but it has some good hardware segments, and it can often be an excellent source of inspiration.


Brian Deacon wrote:

Dvorak is so... Spolsky.

I can't describe why, but I agree.


Something I didn't see mentioned is PCMag Radio. That's a more consumer tech-oriented show, but they do geek out fairly often, and the chatter is always interesting.


In addition to many of the other great ones listed, here are a couple of others for specific technologies that I regularly listen to:


Over this summer I've enjoyed:

  • StackOverflow
  • SERadio - sometimes this feels too enterprise-y for me, but it's definitely the most technical, and the European (German?) hosts are a hoot.
  • Hanselminutes and DNR - some aspects of these shows get annoying, but they frequently have interesting guests talking about interesting things, which is where the money is.

I echo the sentiment about the difference between tech gossip (TWiT, Diggnation, etc) and software development podcasts; while the former can sometimes be entertaining, I've found they tend towards the audio equivalent of Digg rather than Hacker News, programming.reddit, or, hopefully, StackOverflow.

I'll be checking out the other suggestions people gave.


I enjoy both Security Now and Windows Weekly, both a part of the TWiT network. You may want to check out the TWiT network, since they have a variety of tech related podcasts.

Also, as seems common here, Hanselminutes is pretty good.


What a great bunch of answers - Now I've got a number of podcasts to add to my listening list!

My current list is StackOverflow, TWiT and Mac OS Ken. I tried to get into SERadio a few months ago but couldn't really engage myself with the podcast - Great introductory material, but I felt a lot of the shows were a bit 'beginner-y'.


There's tons of tech podcasts.

Some that I've subscribed to:
Daily shows


And as you can see, I am using Miro to get them. (which is a nice X-platform vodcast catcher :-) )



I listen to and watch:
* this week in tech
* Cranky Geeks
* Security Now * This Week in Media * Tech5


My most regular listens are:

  • Java Posse
  • Software Engineering Radio
  • Stack Overflow
  • Agile Toolkit Podcast (intermittent)

Also, if you haven't heard the OOPSLA 2007 podcasts (keynote/main sessions recorded and podcasted) they're definitely worth a listen, although it's a fairly short run.


Two others not mentioned yet are The Register's Open Season (about the Open Source industry) and Semi Coherent Computing (which loosely is about enterprise hardware).

I'm not sure if Open Season has any more legs left in it though, since Ashley Vance (the apparent 'driver' of the podcast) has recently left El Reg for The New York Times. That said, the past year's worth of episodes are great and include some notable guests.


I am going out on a limb here to say that, don't get caught up in too many podcasts or blogs, but rather dive into technology/code and good tech books.

although +1 to;

  • Thoughtworks - IT matters
  • Software Engineering Radio
  • Pragmatic podcasts
  • Alt.Net podcasts
  • Hanselminutes

and while not strictly technology

  • Enterprise Thought Leaders from Stanford University, which often has speakers from fortune 500 and tech startups on how they made it.

My list includes: Herding Code, Deep Fried Bytes, Polymorohic Podcast, Pixel8, .Net Rocks, Hanselminutes, Powerscripting podcast. Full list:


Many of the above, plus TED talks and Shareware Radio. Links here:


I extract DNRTV's audio and listen to it as a podcast (or have it run as a video on my Archos media player and just listen to it). I don't have time to watch it for an hour. Usually I can follow the discussion without watching the video.


The Web 2.0 Show is a podcast about emerging technologies commonly referred to as "Web 2.0", and is hosted by Josh Owens and Adam Stacoviak.


Hacker Public Radio is an excellent source of podcasts on a broad range of technical topics.


Check out our new podcast at Crafty Coders. It covers programming topics (mostly .net, but also other languages and topics).


My favorites are:

  • Hanselminutes
  • .NET Rocks
  • StackOverflow
  • SoftwareEngeneeringRadio

TWiT and CrankyGeeks I listen to if I want a laugh or get mad, they are horrible.


I have subscribed to quite a few podcasts but the ones I try and listen to weekly are:

  1. Se-Radio
  2. Hanselminutes
  3. .NET Rocks
  4. Polymorphic Podcast
  5. RunAsRadio

I have a 35 minute commute to work each morning (bus) and I like watching the Channel 9 feed on my zune.


My list includes:

  .NET Rocks!
  RunAs Radio
  Stack Overflow (but then again, we wouldn't be in Beta if we didn't)
  Channel 9

Pretty much the same as everybody else. Just goes to show you why podcasts are important to developing your art.


My favorite has been the Stack Overflow podcast just because it is reality based. ALT.NET has good content. Software Engineering Radio and Hanselminutes are informative. ThoughtWorks is marginal for me.

I'll try the others!


Most of the podcasts I listened to are already discussed above.

  • .NET Rocks
  • HanselMinutes
  • RunAsRadio
  • Mondays (for when you are bored with development stuffs)
  • Herding Code
  • Arcast (used to)
  • AudibleAjax
  • OpenWeb

There are some bits from OOPSLA that were interesting as well (not long running podcasts, but it's nice to hear).


It's not software, but I frequently watch the Tekzilla podcasts. Love me some Veronica Belmont / Patrick Norton!

Also, all of the others already mentioned - Stack Overflow, TWiT, etc.


I've been happy with Stack Overflow.

I listen to / watch a few others:

But the constant MS/Google/Apple/Yahoo fluff of these is getting really old.

I've listened to a couple Hanselminutes and might start listening more regularly.

I'd like to find some that deal with actual software engineering issues and not just "tech gossip".

Try Software Engineering Radio for actual issues, it's more heavyweight than those TWIT gossipy podcasts. – Martin Jan 9 '10 at 11:11

The SitePoint Podcast hosts are Patrick O’Keefe (@ifroggy), Stephan Segraves (@ssegraves), Brad Williams (@williamsba), and Kevin Yank (@sentience). (@%twitter username%)


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