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A selenium script can run independently and we can do anything simultaneously ie. interact with other windows or applications. The running of the selenium script is not hampered. Is this not the case with Autoit scripts? I mean if we access any other window while an AutoIT script is running, it is pausing in between. Is there any setting to disable the pausing of the script so that the script can continue running? And also I need to call 2 AutoIT scripts in my java code one after the other. It works sometimes but at times before the first script is over, the second AutoIT script starts its execution. How to resolve this problem?

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Sometimes we tend to accidentally clicked the AutoIT icon on the bottom right notification bar caused it to pause.

What I usually do was to disable the AutoIT tray icon so this would not happen. Add this command at the top of your script


You could refer the details from here:

You could adjust the pause tray by referring here:
Look for TrayMenuMode.You could set it to 1 = no default menu

Depend how you call the scripts, if you use Run(), then you should change to RunWait() or you could add ProcessWait() finish only continue next scripts

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