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A client is connected to a nodejs hosted cube evaluator using websockets.

When the limit is set to anything over 900 the server blows up with the following error:

// Copyright Joyent, Inc. and other Node contributors.
RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

The code was copied straight from the websites getting started guide I.e.


var socket = new WebSocket("ws://nodeserver/1.0/event/get");

socket.onopen = startReceiving;

function startReceiving() {
    var yesterday = new Date();
    yesterday.setDate(yesterday.getDate() - 1);
    var startDate = yesterday.getTime();

                "expression": "some_event(param1,param2,param3,param4).eq(param1,'SomeValue')",
                "start": startDate,
                limit: 20000

                "expression": "someother_event(param1,param2,param3,param4).eq(param1,'SomeOtherValue')",
                "start": startDate,
                limit: 20000


socket.onmessage = function (message) {
    var event = JSON.parse(message.data);
    // Do something with event


var cube = require("cube");
var appConfig = require('./server.config.js');

var evaluatorOptions = appConfig.evaluatorOptions;

var registerServer = function(options, cubeSubject) {
    var server = cube.server(options);
    server.register = function(db, endpoints) {
        cubeSubject.register(db, endpoints);

registerServer(evaluatorOptions, cube.evaluator);

Can anyone suggests what I'm doing wrong here?

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Getting the latest version of the cube library solved the above issue.

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