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I'd like to delete all lines with 3 plus signs:

+++ 3 plus signs
+ 1 plus sign
+++ 3 plus signs

Here's my sed command, escaping the plus signs after beginning of line

sed '/^\+\+\+/d'    -> This erase all lines
sed '/^+++/d'       -> This works and show only the 1 plus sign line

Why? Is there any problem while escaping the plus sign?

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"A quick comment. The original sed did not support the "+" metacharacter. GNU sed does if you use the "-r" command line option, which enables extended regular expressions."


If you don't use sed -r, then you don't have to escape + since it is not considered a metacharacter.

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@Tom It is worth noting that regular expressions have 3 popular syntax forms: basic, extended, and perl-compatible. Regular sed (without -r) implements basic form. –  user2008074 May 8 '13 at 12:46

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