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I'm trying to make a chat image hover on the webpage without any luck. You can view what I want it to do by going to Longo Toyota's website here. http://www.longotoyota.com

The chat image hovers over the webpage and scrolls with this user. Does anyone have any idea how to make this work? I've searched for a while and all I can come up with is how to make a rollover image which isn't what I want to do at all. Thanks for your help!

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stackoverflow.com/questions/2177983/…, this can help you –  dreamweiver May 8 '13 at 12:47

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I have the same feature on one of my project. I made a fixed or floating position of a menu on one of my sites.

the solution I made to make this work came from this site


it's all about css. if you want to pop up something onHover use javascript or any framework(I prefer using jQuery)


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a css

position: fixed;

is what you're looking for

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I'd recommend looking into using fixed positions and z-index

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