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My Query as Follows

   `Select * from daps_user_activity where Userid In (Select Userid from daps_portaluser  where EMR_ID = 24855) `

What is the equivalent query in linq please help me...

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It will be much easier if you revise your original query to JOIN the two tables instead of using a subquery. – DOK May 8 '13 at 13:25
Check this link stackoverflow.com/questions/51339/… – Shailesh May 8 '13 at 13:28
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Try this, it's better that you use a join in this instance, instead of a sub-query:

var results = (from a in daps_user_activity
              join u in daps_portaluser on a.Userid equals u.Userid
              where u.EMR_ID == 24855
              select a).ToList()
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Alternatively, you could use this:

var results = (from a in daps_user_activity
               from u in daps_portaluser
               where u.EMR_ID == 24855 
               && a.Userid == u.Userid
               select a).ToList()

To me, it shows more clearly the main query and the subquery.

Credit goes to @Bruno Brant at Convert SQL Query (with Correlated Subquery) to LINQ in C#

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