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I'm following the instructions in to implement the push messages for android throught Xtify, and executing my app I get this error:

failed on find provider info com.example.gcmessaging.XTFY_PROVIDER

In the manifest I have on the receiver tag:

android:name="com.xtify.sdk.db.Provider" android:authorities="com.example.gcmessaging.XTIFY_PROVIDER" android:exported="false"

Can you help me where am I wrong? I'd appreciate the help.


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You probably didn't add the correct package name, you will find it defined in the top of your AndroidManifest.xml File:

<manifest xmlns:android=""
      package="" ...>

then add the package name to the provider node:

  android:exported="false" />

If it didn't workout for you, let me know.

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