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is it possible to achieve this? I need to draw a graph and it's based on categories. Each category will have an subcategory and this will an aggregator.

This will be a column bar chart and i must draw something like this. Look. enter image description here


Agg 1 and 2 will be fixed categories in xAxis. But Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat... will be dynamic over it. Data will be the column bars in the specified Cat group.

I dunno if this graph can handle what i want and even if its possible. I only know how to draw simple graphs and don't found any example like this.

I've tried stacks but don't got what i want or used it wrong.

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There is not a built in way to achieve this in Highcharts.

One thing you can do is spoof it, using multiple x axes, making use of the axis offset property, and setting different categories and/or tickpositions on the different axes.

There is also a feature request that you can add your votes and/or comments to here:


Relevant thread from old help forum:


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Ok, thanks for this! –  glhrmbhnrt May 8 '13 at 15:12

Black Label has created plugin for Highcharts to achieve that: https://github.com/blacklabel/grouped_categories

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that's pretty nice –  jlbriggs May 13 '13 at 13:03

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