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I have tried auto indexing and have set my neo4j.properties file to the following:

# Autoindexing

# Enable auto-indexing for nodes, default is false

# The node property keys to be auto-indexed, if enabled
#node_keys_indexable=Name,Type,CurrentVersion,DateTimeCreated,CurrentVersionDateTime,VersionCount,  CustomerName,DocumentReference,Version

Before I had set node_auto_indexing=true to false and created my own index for testing but now I want to auto index all my node properties?

And When i run this cypher query it returns 0 rows?

start n = node:node_auto_index(Name = "Mike") return n;

What am i doing wrong here?

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Did you create your nodes when node_auto_indexing was false? If so, these existing nodes won't be "automatically" indexed when you set the property to true. You will have to manually add them to the auto index ( http://docs.neo4j.org/chunked/milestone/auto-indexing.html)

Note that any new nodes created node_auto_indexing=true will be indexed without manual intervention.

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I also had this issue with version 1.7-SNAPSHOT.

It seems there are 2 properties, one being a duplicate of the other:

node_autoindexing_enabled=true # Commented out in neo4j.properties - but has no effect
node_auto_indexing=true        # Not in the file at all, but when added did index new nodes

It seems the 2nd one enables indexing but the 1st one does not. Hopefully if this is a bug it will get addressed (or has been addressed since the version I downloaded).

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