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I am a SQL Server guy trying to piece together a basic PL/SQL procedure, and I can't seem to get the thing to compile.

I am sure it is something small, any help is greatly appreciated!

CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE insertPC(in_maker IN Product.maker%type,
    in_speed IN PC.speed%type,
    in_ram IN PC.ram%type,
    in_hard_disk IN PC.hd%type,
    in_price PC IN.price%type   
    new_model Product.model%type;   

    select  coalesce(b_Product.NextAvailKey, c_Product.NextAvailKey)
    into    new_model
    from    (
                select  min(Product.model - 1)  as NextAvailKey
                from    Product
                left outer join
                        Product a_Product
                on      Product.model       = a_Product.model + 1
                where   a_Product.model     is null
                and     (Product.model - 1) > 0
            ) b_Product,
                select  max(model) + 1 as NextAvailKey
                from    Product
            ) c_Product;

    insert into Product values (in_maker, new_model, 'PC');
    insert into PC values (new_model, in_speed, in_ram, in_hd, in_price);


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What's the compilation error? Try SELECT * FROM USER_ERRORS – Tobsey May 8 '13 at 13:57

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in_price PC IN.price%type

i think this should be

in_price IN PC.price%type

thanks! I knew I was overlooking something simple! – Chris Corbin May 8 '13 at 16:31

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