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I am using backbone, handlebars, jquery for app. Following code line is not working


Template is

<h2 class="score">Congratulation ABCD! You have scored {{score}} !!!</h2>
            <th>Your Answer</th>
            <th>Correct Answer</th>
        {{#each qtext}}
                {{#each ../answer}}

Here is my JSON file

    "qid": "1001",
    "qtext": "This is question one?",
    "options": [{"id":"opt1", "str":"15%"},{"id":"opt2", "str": "16%"},{"id":"opt3", "str": "17%"},{"id":"opt4", "str": "19%"}],
    "answer": ["opt2"]},
    "qid": "1002",
    "qtext": "This is question two?",
    "options": [{"id":"opt1", "str":"item0"},{"id":"opt2", "str": "item1"},{"id":"opt3", "str": "item2"},{"id":"opt4", "str": "item3"}],
    "answer": ["opt1"]},
    "qid": "1003",
    "qtext": "This is question three?",
    "options": [{"id":"opt1", "str":"5%"},{"id":"opt2", "str": "2.5%"},{"id":"opt3", "str": "11%"},{"id":"opt4", "str": "0%"}],
    "answer": ["opt3"]}

I know, I can split this template and using collection.each method i can render each object from JSON file, but i want to keep it 1st template and render directly from collection data.

Thanks in advance


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Presumably quiz.tmplt.result is the compiled template function. Have you taken a quick look at what this.collection.toJSON() returns? –  mu is too short May 16 '13 at 2:04
It returns all the models of that collection –  Vikram May 16 '13 at 6:25
But your template is looking for something like {score: 6, text: [ ... ] }, right? –  mu is too short May 16 '13 at 6:27
No, my issue is the complete template should render once with score and innerHTML of tbody should be render for each question and its available options. I have achieved it by splitting it into 2 different templates, i.e., parent and child template and it works fine. but I wanted to keep one template only. –  Vikram May 16 '13 at 6:36
Then you need to pass { qtext: [ ... ], ... } to the template function so that the {{#each qtext}} will have something to iterate over. You just have to rearrange your data to match your template or vice versa. –  mu is too short May 16 '13 at 6:58

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