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I am doing a Spring web application.

I have access to the locale and I need to whether it is RTL (right-to-left).

I found this SO post:

Is there any way to detect an RTL language in Java?

It appears that it can solve my problem. However, the solution there:

ComponentOrientation.getOrientation(new Locale(System.getProperty("user.language"))).isLeftToRight();  

uses Java AWT's componenent (ComponentOrientation).

I am wondering whether I can get RTL info about a locale without using AWT components.

Thanks for help!


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You could check if the locale's .getLanguage() is one of the right-to-left languages (Hebrew, Arabic, etc). This is actually how the function is implemented in AWT.

public static ComponentOrientation getOrientation(Locale locale) 
        // A more flexible implementation would consult a ResourceBundle
        // to find the appropriate orientation.  Until pluggable locales
        // are introduced however, the flexiblity isn't really needed.
        // So we choose efficiency instead.
        String lang = locale.getLanguage();
        if( "iw".equals(lang) || "ar".equals(lang)
            || "fa".equals(lang) || "ur".equals(lang) )
            return RIGHT_TO_LEFT;
        } else {
            return LEFT_TO_RIGHT;
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thanks for digging into AWT's source code for see how it is done. Smart thinking! – curious1 May 9 '13 at 0:24

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