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In org mode, if I want to format text a monospace verbatim, i.e. ~...~, if it is inside quotes: ~"..."~, it is not formatted (left as is).

Also, are quotes a reserved symbol, if so, what do they mean? (they don't seem to affect the generated HTML / inside Emacs display).

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Changing something inside verbatim, isn't that a contradiction? –  Andreas Röhler May 9 '13 at 14:21

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The culprit in this case is the regular expression in org-emph-re org-verbatim-re, responsible for determining if a sequence of characters in the document is to be set verbatim or not.

org-verbatim-re is a variable defined in `org.el'. Its value is "\([ ('\"{]\|^\)\(\([=~]\)\([^
\n,\"']\)\3\)\([- .,:!?;'\")}\]\|$\)"

quotes and double quotes are explicitly forbidden inside verbatim characters =~ by


I found discussions dating back 3 years comming to the conclusion that you have to tinker with this regular expression and set the variable org-emph-re/org-verbatim-re to something that matches your wishes in your emacs setup (maybe a file local variable works as well). You can experiment by excluding double quotes from the excluding character classes and outside matches as in

"\([ ('{]\|^\)\(\([*/_=~+]\)\([^
\n,']\)\3\)\([- .,:!?;')}\]\|$\)"

but looking at that regex, heaven knows what happens to complex documents -- you have to try...

Edit: as it happens, if I evalute the following as region, quotes inside = are exported correctly, but nothing else is :-), I investigate further when I have more time.

(setq org-emph-re "\([ ('{]\|^\)\(\([*/_=~+]\)\([^ \n,']\|[^ \n,'].?\(?:\n.?\)\{0,1\}[^ \n,']\)\3\)\([- .,:!?;')}]\|$\)")

Edit 2:: Got it to work by changing org.el directly:

Change the line following (defvar org-emphasis-regexp-components from '(" \t('\"{" "- \t.,:!?;'\")}\\" " \t\r\n,\"'" "." 1) to '(" \t('{" "- \t.,:!?;')}\\" " \t\r\n,'" "." 1) and recompile org then restart emacs.

This was a defcustom prior to the 8.0 release, it isn't anymore, so you have to live with this manual modification.

regards, Tom

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Finally, I found a solution from http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.emacs.orgmode/82571

According to that thread, the regexp for verbatim is built from variable org-emphasis-regexp-components, which defines legal characters before, after, at the border of, or in the body of emphasis; and verbatim is one of the emphasis environment in org mode.

A workable setting given by that thread:

(setcar (nthcdr 2 org-emphasis-regexp-components) " \t\n,")
(custom-set-variables `(org-emphasis-alist ',org-emphasis-alist))
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