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I am using neo4j's rest api for batch importing.

As per the docs ( http://docs.neo4j.org/chunked/stable/rest-api-batch-ops.html )

This service is transactional. If any of the operations performed fails (returns a non-2xx HTTP status code), the transaction will be rolled back and all changes will be undone.

I am imporitng 60K nodes and 200K relationships. (At least) One of the relationships fails and as expected the whole operation fails.

My question is, is there way to track which specific line of the import is failing so that I can isolate or remove it?

Update: As per @Thomas Fenzi's answer below, I turned on the X-Stream flag, however it is moving at a snails pace. (about 1/5 th the speed). Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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If you use the API in streaming mode (chapter 18.15.3. in the docs, send a X-Stream = true header and do whatever you need client side to handle chunked responses) you get responses up to the point of error.

60k nodes and 200k relationships might be a bit high for a single transaction, depending on your hardware.

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thanks, I'll look into that. In general, the size of the data does not seem to cause any issues –  Ricardo Saporta May 8 '13 at 18:51

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