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Key newwordKey = KeyFactory.createKey(NEWWORD_KEY_KIND, NEWWORD_KEY);
Entity newWord = new Entity(NEWWORD_ENTITY_KIND, newwordKey);
newWord.setProperty(USER_COL_USERNAME, userName);
newWord.setProperty(NEWWORD_COL, word);

I mean I want to delete all "newword" Entity by its property "username" Ex, delete all words upload by user "Alexis" Any idea ? Thx

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Use the Delete Entities by Query function:

Query q = pm.newQuery(NEWWORD_KIND.class);
q.setFilter("USER_COL_USERNAME == USR");
q.declareParameters("String USR");

More info here

Hope this helps.

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Thx, it works. :D –  Alexis May 10 '13 at 1:23

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