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I am trying to get ticker from other channels in MtGox

There are many public stream channels in it.

So, i tried to subscribe them

  "channel": "057bdc6b-9f9c-44e4-bc1a-363e4443ce87"

This channel is for ticker.BTCEUR. But i am getting the following error now.

        data =         {
            channel = "eb6aaa11-99d0-4f64-9e8c-1140872a423d";
            op = subscribe;
        op = client;
        uuid = "3b8e240e-25bc-4e3d-aa45-429c9357a176";
    message = "Unknown command";
    op = remark;
    success = 0;


What's wrong? Could you please help me?

Best Regards.

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