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I have a json file called flare.json in the web-app folder of my grails application.

I have a gsp called test.gsp in a folder called reports the views folder.

I have a script in test.gsp that needs to take the json file as input but I can't seem to access it.. I've tried several different ways but have had no luck so far. The example I'm looking at simply uses the following line :

d3.json("flare.json", function(error, data) { .....

I have tried the same and several other variations but I keep getting 404 errors saying the resource can't be found. I'm new at grails. Have I missed something?

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You can try the g.resource to create the link for your json file.

d3.json('${g.resource(file: "flare.json")}', function(error,data){});
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awesome..I had tried that approach earlier but must have had it in the wrong format..Thank you –  Travis May 8 '13 at 15:25

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