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I am using LibGit2Sharp to clone a remote repository into the windows temp folder. After my script has completed, I want to clean up. However, I always get the following error:

SystemError: Access to the path 'pack-efcef325f8dc897099271fd0f3db6cf4d9f12393.idx' is denied.

where pack-efcef325f8dc897099271fd0f3db6cf4d9f12393.idx is a file in $local_git_clone_path\objects\pack.

How can I completely delete all local leftovers of the git repo I cloned using LibGit2Sharp ?

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Are you disposing the repository before trying to remove the files? – nulltoken May 8 '13 at 16:19
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I remember having faced a similar situation.

And, as advised by @nulltoken, you would have to Dispose() the Repository before trying to delete the files that are being held by it.

using should be the best option.

using (var repo = new Repository(repositoryPath))
  //Your repo specific implementation.

//Code to Delete your local temp dir

Reference: Clone Fixture from LibGit2Sharp

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