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i got this code

            ->from(array("e" => "embarcacoes"))
            ->join(array("i" => "imagens"), ' = i.barcoId')
            ->where("e.tipo = '{$this->view->tipoEmbarcacao}'")
            ->limitPage($paginaAtual, $porPagina)
            ->order('e.prioridade DESC');

it works well, if i change the ->order('prioridade DESC'); line to ->order('id DESC'); it still works well, but if i try:

->order('prioridade DESC, id DESC'); or ->order(array('prioridade DESC','id DESC'));

it doesnt work. What is the correct syntax to make multiple orderign in zend framework? Thanks.

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Got the solution,

i have to use like this

->order(array('e.prioridade DESC',' DESC'));

oh christ, such a beginner mistake.

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