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I encontered a problem while trying to get a collection of elements : the set of Friend is empty.

There is 3 classes :

public class User {
@Column(name="USER_ID", nullable=false) 
private String mail;

private String password;

private String surname;

private String name = null;

private StatutUser statut;

private int phoneNumber;

@OneToMany(cascade = CascadeType.PERSIST, mappedBy="friendPK.friend")
    private Set<Friend> friends = new HashSet<Friend>();

    Some getters and setters

The second one :

@Table(name = "FRIEND")
public class Friend

public FriendPK friendPK;

@Column(name = "FRIEND_STATUT")
private StatutFriend statutFriend;


The last one :

public class FriendPK implements Serializable{

    @JoinColumn(name="USER1_ID", referencedColumnName="USER_ID")
    protected User user1;

    @JoinColumn(name="USER2_ID", referencedColumnName="USER_ID")
    protected User friend;

When I try to get all friends' user, the collection is empty.

Here's the file where the method to add a relationship is :

private EntityManagerFactory emf;
private EntityManager manager;

public String addFriends(String mail1, String mail2){

        EntityTransaction t;
        t = manager.getTransaction();


            User user = manager.find(User.class, mail1);

            User friend =  manager.find(User.class, mail2);

            Friend f = new Friend();
            FriendPK friendPK = new FriendPK();

            Set<Friend> relationship = new HashSet<Friend>();
            relationship =  user.getFriends();

            Set<Friend> relationship2 = new HashSet<Friend>();
            relationship2 = friend.getFriends();



        catch(Exception e){
            if (t.isActive())

Please be indulgent with my code... I'm a beginner ! Thanks a lot.

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At first sight, the code seems correct despite your architecture looks strange. What does the class friendFK stand for ? Doesn't a user just need to hold a set of users Set ? From a database point of view, a relational table is necessary but not in your java model.

If i were you, i would delete this class and use the hbm2dll tool to generate a correct matching database schema.

Could you specify your Hibernate and jars versions and give us your hibernate config file to check it.

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Thank you for your answer. I changed my global structure without using the friendFK. And now it's working ! – fchenebault May 13 '13 at 8:09

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