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I have an IOS app I intend to localize into a bunch of languages at a point. Instead of going to a translation service and translate everything from scratch, I wonder if there are any resources to get the very basics translated? Resources such as open source localized strings (does that exist?), databases, web services (not Google translate which doesn't work very well for some languages and technology terms).

In my case, I don't have too many sentences, so it's more a question of single words. I imagine words such as the below are very frequently translated for mobile apps:

camera roll, cancel, delete, double-tap, swipe, notification, home, share, ok etc.

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Ray has some good examples.

And so does Apple

You can also use translating services such as this one

And this jkublcek wrote a decent translater that use Google's API for auto translation.

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I have missed Apple Glot and the translation packages that can be downloaded from Apple. By the looks of it, that seems to be exactly what I was after. Will give that a go. –  BlueVoodoo May 8 '13 at 16:16
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