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I'm trying to create a batch file to create the basic files & folders for a website, e.g. css folder, image folder, javascript folder, style.css, index.html. I have the script setup as follows

md css
md js
md img
echo  ^<!doctype html^>^<html lang="en"^>^<head^>^<meta charset="UTF-8"^>^<title^>^Document^</title^>^</head^>^<body^>^</body^>^</html^>  >>  index.html
echo  >>style.css

As you can see, I want to input the basic html starter text within the html file, which it does, but all in a straight line. While this isn't the end of the world, it would be nice if it could format the text as proper html with indents and line breaks.

One more thing, would it be possible to make the batch file put the css file in the css folder? I am a bit of a n00b, so be gentle :0)


UPDATE Here is the code I did upon reading the response from @Endoro

md css
md js
md img
echo  ^<!doctype html^>
echo  ^<html lang="en"^>
echo  ^<head^>
echo ^ <meta charset="UTF-8"^>
echo  ^<title^>
echo  ^</title^>
echo  ^</head^>
echo  ^<body^>
echo  ^</body^>
echo  ^</html^> >> index.html
echo  >>css\style.css

It kind of works in that it puts the css file in the css folder, but when I open the html file, all that is present is


Did I miss something?

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You missed the brackets at top and end. – foxidrive May 9 '13 at 10:51
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I don't know, what indents you need, but you can edit the code by yourself:

@echo off &setlocal
md css 2>nul
md js 2>nul
md img 2>nul
echo(^<!doctype html^>^<html lang="en"^>
echo(   ^<head^>^<meta charset="UTF-8"^>
echo(       ^<title^>^Document^</title^>
echo(   ^</head^>
echo(   ^<body^>^</body^>^</html^>
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That did it. Thanks! – Mr.Syrax May 8 '13 at 17:10

Break up the index.html output into separate echo commands and it will insert linefeeds for you, between the output of each individual echo.

And specify the css filename as css\style.css and it should create the file in that folder.

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