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I understand that in general, multiple inheritance from QObject-derived classes (even virtual multiple inheritance) is not supported in Qt.

I understand the reason to be (I think) that even in the virtual inheritance case, the Qt classes do not themselves virtually inherit from QObject. For example, if you attempt to derive a class virtually from both QWidget and QThread, this is placing the virtual inheritance in an irrelevant place in the inheritance chain and you still wind up with two QObject instances.

I therefore think it is safe, and supported in Qt, to use virtual inheritance where the ONLY Qt class being derived from is QObject itself.

I have:

class Top : public QObject {};

class Left : public virtual Top {};

class Right : public virtual Top {};

class Bottom : public Left, public Right {}; // Is this safe, and supported by Qt?

Note that instances of Bottom truly have only one instance of Top (and hence only one instance of QObject), so it seems that the rationale for avoiding multiple inheritance in Qt (even virtual multiple inheritance) does not apply here.

The above construct nonetheless results in the Qt compiler warning Class Bottom inherits from two QObject subclasses Left and Right. This is not supported!.

Am I correct? Is it safe to ignore the Qt compiler warning in this specific scenario? Is the above construct, involving virtual multiple inheritance directly from QObject, safe and supported in Qt?

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How does Qt actually use this class? If you're just passing in a pointer or reference to QObject, then it's fine. If it somewhere attempts to get a member offset, instead of using pointer-to-member, it may not be. – Useless May 8 '13 at 16:44
@Useless I hope to be able to tie in Qt signals and slots for Top, Left, Right, and/or Bottom. – Dan Nissenbaum May 8 '13 at 16:46
OK, so whether it works or not depends on the details of how those are implemented. I have no idea what the answer is in that case, but at least it's clear for the next passing Qt expert ... – Useless May 8 '13 at 16:50
@Dan: You'll be able to tie in signals and slots for Top only. And Top can use virtual functions to delegate implementation to its subclasses, but Qt won't know how to deal with them. – Ben Voigt May 8 '13 at 18:05
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No, multiple inheritance from QObject is not supported by Qt in any way.

The problem is not with virtual inheritance, it's Qt's meta-object system. Each QObject base class has an associated QMetaObject which manages signals, slots, properties, etc, and each meta-object knows its parent QObject so e.g. signals which exist in parent classes can be handled. The Qt moc is not able to deal with multiple inheritance from QObject or any of its sub-classes.

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Indeed - even defining a signal for the Right class (and presumably Left is the same, as well), results in a compiler error on the following moc-produced line: Right *_t = static_cast<Right *>(_o); with _o a QObject. So not only is the construct not supported by Qt - it won't even compile. – Dan Nissenbaum May 8 '13 at 19:37
I wonder whether it's on the list for Qt to someday support multiple inheritance of QObject-derived classes. – Dan Nissenbaum May 8 '13 at 19:38

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