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I have two databases: one of which I'm using on a dev server and the other is the live version that I have exported from the dev database and imported to the live one.

I needed to go back and clear out the old dev database, and was going to import something else afterwards. I went and checked all the tables and did a DROP query, but for some reason, this dropped all the tables from both my dev database and the live database. Luckily, I had backups of everything, but could anyone tell me why this is happening?

Here is my query, which is created when I do a 'Check All' tables and select 'DROP'. Using Wordpress here.

DROP TABLE `wp_commentmeta`, `wp_comments`, `wp_layerslider`, `wp_links`, `wp_options`, `wp_postmeta`, `wp_posts`, `wp_revslider_sliders`, `wp_revslider_slides`, `wp_slp_rep_query`, `wp_slp_rep_query_results`, `wp_store_locator`, `wp_terms`, `wp_term_relationships`, `wp_term_taxonomy`, `wp_usermeta`, `wp_users`;
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You have to post the query code, so we can analyse it. – user2230501 May 8 '13 at 17:04
Does your dev replicate to the live db? – ceejayoz May 8 '13 at 17:10
yes the tables are mirrored, but the live copy has some newer edits – theos244 May 8 '13 at 17:11

You say in the comments that your dev is replicated to live.

DROP TABLE statements get replicated just like any other statement. It's generally a really, really bad idea to have automated database replication from dev to live.

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