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I have a system in place which uses a frameset, within the frameset frames there are some calls like;

top.frame1.location = "newlocation";



However I am updating the system, and now the frameset resides inside an iframe, so obviously all of the top.frame.whatever calls no longer work. Now I'm trying to find a solution which doesn't involve changing the "top." in the ton of pages that run various functions.

I've tried in the top most page doing something like this;

frame1 = $('#containerframe').contents().find('#frame1');

But that doesn't seem to work, it just says top.frame1.document is undefined when trying to access the document.

Any suggestions would be cool :)

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You are overwriting the value in top.frame1 with a jQuery set, which is NOT the same object as the default (which is a window object) which is why you are getting the "undefined" error - a jQuery set doesn't have a document property.

If you want to fix this without changing all your references to top.frame1, then you have a couple choices. Assuming #containerframe is your iframe, I think this will work

In your parent-most page

frame1 = self.frames.containerframe.frames.frame1;


The frames collection works off of name attributes, so make sure your iframe looks like this

<iframe id="containerframe" name="containerframe" />
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Yeah the frame is already named containerframe :\ –  Joel Nov 3 '09 at 11:00

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