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I am working on developing a widget using this timeline JS template. I have to be able to receive events in JSON format. For now, I am just working on receiving them from a local file. I am able to receive events that include the date, however I am having trouble getting the time to work. The suggestions that I have found do not seem to be working. Can anyone help?

Here is my JSON test file:

"start": "2013-03-18", //need to add time here
"end": "2014-03-18",
"title": "test a",
"color": "green",
"description": "this is a test",
"image": "",
"link": ""


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Thank you, Lee! I got it to work. It was a matter of the incorrect dateTimeFormat. I am new to this site, is there a way I can help your reputation? –  Justin May 8 '13 at 18:56
Added an answer –  Lee Meador May 8 '13 at 19:09

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Typical date format is "yyyy-mm-dd hh:MM:ss.mmm" and these can be passed to a javascript new Date(x) constructor (where 'x' is) but some browsers don't like that format. They want / instead of - and a 'T' where that blank separates the date and time. See this:

Highcharts: x-value as date

For more details you can look at this FIDDLE HERE

One way to do it which is shown there seems to work in lots of browsers:

var d = '2013-04-30 00:00:00';
var date = new Date(d.replace(' ', 'T') + 'Z')
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