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I just installed Solr on Ubuntu with the following tutorial:

which got me up and running fine.

But when I want to post a new XML file (like the ones in example/exampledocs), I use the following curl command:

curl http://localhsot:8080/solr/core0/update -H "Content-Type: text/xml" --data-binary @vidcard.xml

but I continue to get the error:

ERROR: unknown field 'manu'

From other QA I understand that this might be something wrong with my schema.xml file. But with a fresh install, I am confused why I would have to pre add each field for all the XML i am about to upload (there is a ton of it and it's not all the same schema so I wonder if I really have to hand map it in schema.xml before doing so).

In addition, I had previously followed the official tutorial, and using the java -jar post.jar solr.xml monitor.xml command to index new xml and that was fine.

But I am interested in being able to update from HTTP as this is how it will integrate with our system.

Full disclosure: I am new to solr (perhaps this is obvious).

Update Thanks to @Alexandre Rafalovitch below, I understand a little more about Solr. But the problem remains. For instance I am using the vidcard.xml file from the default Solr install example/exampledocs directory and went in and added the dynamic field endings to all the fields, but I am still getting the error: ERROR: unknown field 'manu_s'

At this, I am trying to figure out what typical newbie pitfall I keep falling into (i.e. getting stuck on some common stuff just after installing, not trying yet to do anything too far out of left field).

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Solr needs to know what types the fields are, so it knows how to parse/tokenize them. If you want to tokenize them all the same way, you can use dynamicField functionality to match multiple names.

Please also note, that the update does not allow you to just send a random XML. It expects specific Solr Update XML format.

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thanks, i can see how that might help, though I am still having the same issue after taking the above into consideration. I've updated the original post. – roy May 8 '13 at 20:58
What is your schema definition that you think should match? You should have either ><dynamicField name='s' >or <dynamicField name='manu' or ><dynamicField name='*' or some such. Try going through the Solr tutorial and modifying it step by step until you figure it out. One of the frequent beginner's mistakes is to forget renaming <field> to <dynamicField> when adding the wildcard. – Alexandre Rafalovitch May 9 '13 at 14:04

Looks like the schema.xml file that you deployed do not have manu field. vidcard.xml defines document with value against field 'manu' . You can take a look at your schema file at http://localhsot:8080/solr/core0/admin/schema.jsp

<field name="manu">ASUS Computer Inc.</field>

Refer to schema.xml in example/solr/collection1/conf/ directory

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