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I have a dropdown defined as dojoType="dijit.form.Select" id="MyDropdown"

I load it from JSON array as follows

        url: "getOptions",
        handleAs: "json",
        preventCache : true,
        timeout : 50000,
        load : function(data, ioargs) {
              var options = data.options;
     = options

where MyStore = new{})

here is my JSON that comes from server:


When MyDropdown is rendered in Firefox character é becomes �. It works fine in IE9 and Chrome 26.

What is also strange is that the same character is rendered correctly in Firefox with dojox.grid.DataGrid.

Also if I just load JSON directly into Firefox by putting getOptions address, then JSON is showing correct characters. When check the result of dojo.xhrGet() in Firebug I see the same JSON with corrupted character. So it appears that dojo.xhrGet() is causing corruption. But then why is it showing correctly with DataGrid which is also loaded using dojo.xhrGet()?

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It's probably because somewhere it mixes up multiple character encodings (for example UTF-8 and another characterset). I had a similar issue once with Opera that was using another encoding than I expected.

To solve it you should check several things.

You should verify if the getOptions URL sends the data with the propert headers. Use Developer tools/firebug (usually F12) to verify what headers are sent and what the Content-type is.

Then you should verify if the current page is also encoded with the same characterset. I think that some browsers will use their default if the XHR request does not tell them which charset should be used. You should do this by checking the headers (similar to my previous step) AND by checking the <header> tag for something similar like this:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">

You can try enforcing the characterset of your XHR call with the following property:

headers: { "Content-Type": "application/json; charset=utf-8" },
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