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I'm using Intellij version 8. How can I view the warnings or errors for an entire project?

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possible duplicate of How to view the list of compile errors in IntelliJ? –  sschuberth Jan 14 at 13:05

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UPDATE: See this answer which is up to date. The answer below was for older IDEA version when there was no automatic compilation and the Problems view.


This question is already covered in the IntelliJ IDEA FAQ.

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Must have looked over that. Thanks a lot! –  AEIOU Oct 29 '09 at 16:27
Could you please provide a summary here in case the link goes down? :) Thanks! –  avalancha Aug 27 at 11:36
@avalancha I've updated the answer. –  CrazyCoder Aug 27 at 16:51

I had a similar situation, wanting to view all warnings and errors in RubyMine / IntelliJ IDEA in a single collective space.

The link above was helpful. For the lazy, here are the steps:

  1. Install the Eclipse Mode plugin via Settings | Plugins
  2. Use this in combination with the "Scope / Problems" mode of the Project View
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