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I am trying to trigger an ajax call on change of a dropdown menu(at client_script.php). The ajax call will send some values to server_script.php and it will change a div section of the client_script.php. The problem is the server script is kept in a local directory such as blocks/latestgrades/server_script.php. When the ajax call is done the url becomes the address of the server_script.php prepended by


Which is quite ok, because the server_script/php file location is such. But when I hover around the other pages, the onchange triggeres the ajax call which tries to find the server_script.php on that location but prepended by


How to alter the url to cut that place I dont want and then do an ajax call with that?

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Make sure the ajax url is an absolute url (beginning with a forward slash) so that it is formed from the root instead of relative to the current page. For example: (url: '/umoodle')

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HOLY MOLY:@:@:@...Thanks a lot. Didn't think it would be so trivial..:)) –  Nawshad Farruque May 8 '13 at 19:42
It's always the little things we often overlook. Glad I could help. –  Josh Leeder May 8 '13 at 19:43

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