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I have a project in which i have essentially two main methods. One for testing and one for, well, running the code. Normally you would create submodules, but this is not an option.

file(GLOB sources "*.cpp")
file(GLOB headers "*.h")
add_executable(testing ${sources} ${headers})   
add_executable(main ${sources} ${headers})   

So testing should compile all sources except for main.cpp. Main should compile everything but testing.cpp.

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The normal way would probably be to create a library from all the sources except main.cpp and testing.cpp, then link this to each executable. However, I guess you mean you can't do that when you say you can't create submodules.

Instead, you can use the list(REMOVE_ITEM ...) command:

file(GLOB sources "*.cpp")
file(GLOB headers "*.h")
set(testing_sources ${sources})
list(REMOVE_ITEM testing_sources ${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/main.cpp)
list(REMOVE_ITEM sources ${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/testing.cpp)
add_executable(main ${sources} ${headers})
add_executable(testing ${testing_sources} ${headers})
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Does this work? 'Cause I get list sub-command REMOVE_ITEM requires list to be present. error under cmake 3.5.0, windows 10 with the code above. – Stephen W May 9 at 11:54
Yes, this works under CMake 3.5.0. Probably given your error message, you've either "dereferenced" your list (e.g. done list(REMOVE_ITEM ${sources} ...) rather than list(REMOVE_ITEM sources ...)), or your list is empty. – Fraser May 10 at 0:08

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