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bender: function () {
       var context = {
                pageName: 'Chocolatte  candy'


            partials = {
                header: this.globalPartials.header,
                tabbar: this.globalPartials.tabbar


        $(this.el).html(templates["monkey"].render(context, partials));
        return this;


return monkeyView;


in another location i have a js file that has the following function

function addBackbuttonIphone () {



If i just add context.backButton="more" in var context directly it works . However if i use the addBackButtonIphone function to do the same it does not work . I am sure that this function is being called however, it is not giving the "#more" value to context.backButton.

Please help


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Looks like a scope issue, your defined context variable is not in the global scope, so running your method is probably creating a global version and adding backButton to that and not the one you expect. –  TheManWithNoName May 8 '13 at 20:38
Why not pass the context as a param to your addBackbuttonIphone function? –  Terrance May 8 '13 at 20:40

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modify your function signature to accept an argument called context, like this:

function addBackbuttonIphone(context) { 

then pass context into your function, like this:

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