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I'm using a custom datasource to consume webservice. Create, Read and Update work well but Delete doesn't works.

Here is my code calling the delete method in my controller.

    public function delete($id){

        $this->autoRender = false;

And here the code in my datasource

public function delete(Model $Model, $id = null) {
    echo "Display a message if this method is called";
    $json = $this->Http->post(CakeSession::read('Site.url') . '/webservice/delete/', array(
        'id' => $id,
        'apiKey' => $this->config['apiKey'],
        'model' => $Model->name

$res = json_decode($json, true);

if (is_null($res)) {
    $error = json_last_error();
    throw new CakeException($error);
return true;

But when I want to delete an item, the debug(); display false. I have no other displays. I don't understand why my delete method isn't called correctly. Is there something wrong in my code ?


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The datasource code is taken from the manual, it should be working fine. Can you show us the output of debug($res)? –  xgalvin May 9 '13 at 17:03
I digg in the core class and I found why my delete() isn't called. In fact before the delete method triggered the _findCount() on the Model.php is called. And there is a if (!method_exists($db, 'calculate') || !method_exists($db, 'expression')){return false;}. In my datasource class I only have the method calculate() and not the expression(). So I implement the function, and now it's working –  guillaume May 9 '13 at 17:53

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Let's check: you're only passing a parameter to your method:


According to the method that you created, the first parameter, which is required, is the Model. The second is $id:

public function delete(Model $Model, $id = null)

During the method you want to use both parameters. Here:

'id' => $id

And here:

'model' => $Model->name

Based on this, you need to review how this method will be called. BTW, if you want override delete() method, according the book, you need something like this: delete(int $id = null, boolean $cascade = true).

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My datasource class extend the class DataSource, so delete() overriding depend on this delete() I think : api.cakephp.org/2.3/class-DataSource.html#_delete –  guillaume May 9 '13 at 7:48

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