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How to run java task for each file in directory with Apache Ant? Looks like <apply> only allows to run executable.

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Either use apply with executable java.exe like this :

<apply executable="path/to/java.exe">
  <arg value="..."/>
  <arg value="..."/>
  <fileset dir="..."/>

or use some AntAddon that provides a for loop, i.e. Flaka, see Wiki examples / Files + Directories :
Question : After compiling my java sources how to run the corresponding classes ?
Solution : Iterate over the fileset which contains the java sources and use the replace function to call the corresponding class files.

<project xmlns:fl="antlib:it.haefelinger.flaka">

  <property name="srcroot" value="path/to/srcrootdir"/>
  <property name="classroot" value="path/to/classrootdir"/>

  <!-- seek all classes with main method -->
  <fileset dir="${srcroot}" includes="**/*.java" id="mainclasses">
    <contains text="public static void main"/>

  <!-- iterate over classes with main method and call
       corresponding classfile -->
  <fl:for var="file" in="split('${toString:mainclasses}', ';')">
      ; strip the '.java' extension
      file = replace(file, '', '.java')
      ; replace fileseparator with '.'
      ; when running on windows you have to use :
      ; replace(file, '\.', '${file.separator}${file.separator}')
      file = replace(file, '\.', '${file.separator}')
      starting => #{file} in ${classroot}..
    <java classname="#{file}">
         when using a fileset you'll get a
         java.util.zip.ZipException because you're
         referencing not jarfiles but classfiles
         therefore you've to use pathelement location
       <pathelement location="${classroot}"/>

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Use <java> task from here. But it can't apply itself to fileset. Example

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