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I'm pretty new to java so bear with me. I'm trying to retrieve the properties of a child node. For instance I'm trying to retrieve all the properties associated with the image property:

                  /image <-----

Currently my script is retrieving all the properties from page_child but how do I get the properties of "image"

public void setPageContext(PageContext context) {
    ValueMap properties = (ValueMap) context.getAttribute("properties");
    closeText = properties.get("closeText", "");
    imageURL = properties.get("fileReference", "");

public String getCloseText() { return closeText; }
public String getCloseText() { return imageURL; }
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Take a look at /libs/foundation/components/adaptiveimage

In the JSP, they are creating a new Resource using the jcr:content of the image file.

Resource fileJcrContent = resource.getChild("file").getChild("jcr:content");
if (fileJcrContent != null) {
    ValueMap fileProperties = fileJcrContent.adaptTo(ValueMap.class);
    String mimeType = fileProperties.get("jcr:mimeType", "jpg");
    extension = mimeType.substring(mimeType.lastIndexOf("/") + 1);

From there, all properties will be accessible through fileProperties.

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