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image naturalWidth return zero... that's it, why ?

var newimage = new Image();
newimage.src = 'retouche-hr' + newlinkimage.substring(14,17) + '-a.jpg'; 
var width = newimage.naturalWidth;
alert (width);

HELP, i dont know why !

*** that path is good, the image show up !

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I'd guess it's because you're not waiting for the image to load - try this:

var newimage = new Image();
newimage.src = 'retouche-hr' + newlinkimage.substring(14,17) + '-a.jpg'; 
newimage.onload = function()
    var width = this.naturalWidth;
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The order in which src and onload are set is important for the load callback to get called. – Crescent Fresh Oct 29 '09 at 17:14
Hmm I tested in Chrome and Firefox and they both worked OK. IE showed the alert too but doesn't support naturalWidth – Greg Oct 29 '09 at 17:24
Thanks so much! Worked like a charm – Sean Thompson Feb 22 '14 at 20:19

here is the FINAL WORKING CODE.... in case somebody whant to know, it all a matter of wainting to have all the images loaded !...

<script type="text/javascript">

$(function() { $("#thumb").jCarouselLite({ btnNext: "#down", btnPrev: "#up", vertical: true, visible: 4 });

$("#thumb li img").click(function() {

	var newlinkimage = $(this).attr("src");
	newlinkimage = 'retouche-hr' + newlinkimage.substring(14,17);


	var newimage = new Image();
	newimage.src = newlinkimage + '-a.jpg';

	newimage.onload = function()
		var width = (newimage.width);
		var height = (newimage.height);

		$('#contentfull').append('<div id="hr"> </div>');
		$("#hr").attr("width", width).attr("height", height);
		$("#hr").append('<div id="avant"> <img alt="before" src="' + newlinkimage +'-a.jpg"></div>');
		$("#hr").append('<div id="apres"> <img alt="after" src="' + newlinkimage +'-b.jpg"></div>');
		$("#avant img").attr("src", newlinkimage + '-a.jpg').attr("width", width).attr("height", height);
		$("#apres img").attr("src", newlinkimage + '-b.jpg').attr("width", width).attr("height", height);

		$("#apres img").load(function(){$("#hr").beforeAfter({animateIntro:true});}); 




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The naturalWidth and naturalHeight properties are not supported in IE, so give this fix a try.

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how about the "normal" width and height – menardmam Oct 29 '09 at 20:14

For me the following works ...

    $('<img src="mypathtotheimage.png"/>').load(function () {

        if (!isNotIe8) {
            // ie8 need a fix
            var image = new Image(); // or document.createElement('img')
            var width, height;
            image.onload = function () {
                width = this.width;
                height = this.height;
            image.src = $(this).attr("src");

        } else {
            // everythings fine here ....
            // this.naturalWidth / this.naturalHeight;
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