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I cannot seem to retrieve the data input into this text area. Also I know this code may not be secure, but I am just beginning with php.

echo '<tr><td align=right>Description:</td><td><textarea name=description form=description cols=100 rows=5></textarea></td></tr>';

$descriptionToSend = $("#description").val()
DBSubmit("INSERT INTO Conference (conferenceid,description,submission_due,review_due) VALUES ('".$_POST['conferenceName']."', '" . $descriptionToSend . "','" .$_POST['submitdeadline'] . "','" .$_POST['reviewdeadline']. "')");
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Are you mixing up jquery with php ?

First, the <textarea> should reside in a <form>

After the form is submitted to php, you can access the data sent with $_REQUEST['description'] so you would have

$descriptionToSend = $_REQUEST['description'];
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in my code it is inside of a form. I tried retrieving it earlier by using $_GET['description'] –  Alberto Does May 8 '13 at 23:38
then show us more code. because the line $descriptionToSend = $("#description").val() leads me to think you are mixing jquery with PHP. –  nl-x May 8 '13 at 23:42

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