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I have a problem with symfony2 I set the fallback locale to en and default_locale to en .Then I add {_locale} to the routing file. From the controller action called I get the correct locale in the request but there is not performed any translation always use the EN locale.


#esi:             ~
translator:      { fallback: %locale% }

default_locale:  "%locale%"


locale: en


path:  /{_locale}/
defaults: { _controller: PrincipalMainBundle:Main:index, _locale: en }

I have a messages.es.xlf file with a spanish translation of the site. If I access with http://url.com/es/ in the controller I have the ES locale in the request but NO translation is perfomed.

Any ideas?


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Have you cleared the cache since you created the translation file? –  cheesemacfly May 9 '13 at 1:48

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Maybe a typo in your filename? Should be messages.es.xliff

And don't forget to clear the cache, as new traanslation files are not detected automatically.

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