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I have the following :

map<boost::tuple<int, string>, int> edges;
edges[boost::make_tuple(1, "a")] = 1;

A simple cout << edges[boost::make_tuple(1, "a")] << endl; confirms it to be 1;

How can I iterate over this? The following doesn't seem to work :

typedef  map<boost::tuple<int, string>, int>::iterator it_type;
for(it_type i = edges.begin(); i != edges.end(); i++) {
     cout << i->first << endl;


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Did you mean i->second? –  Luc Danton May 9 '13 at 0:47

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i->first is a tuple. Thus you can not just cout it.

Please see accessing members of boost:: tuple to know how to access a tuple.

You can use i->second as it is a int, and thus you can use cout using it.

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